Free Guided Meditation to Strengthen Your Attention Span

Decembers theme for the More Than Lyme Collective is Dedicate.

This is the final meditation as well, as both Chloe and I are moving on to new and exciting things.

Heal with You will be offering meditations focusing on addiction, mental health and chronic illness in 2020. I will be taking remote clients as well for absentia (remote) healing and soon will offer a $5 donation group energy session weekly at the start of the year. I am also in the search for getting licensed in another healing form that I can add to these sessions and hopefully work as a healer in the future with more in-person clients.

You can find Chloe and follow her new pursuits at Chlobello. But More Than Lyme is still active for you to read inspirational posts and stories.

This meditation is one that has been a very relevant topic so many people that I know. Dealing with that “need” to respond to others, attached to their cell phones or feeling too accessible.

Daily we are faced with numerous distractions that it is almost impossible to completely detach from them all. With WiFi towers in even the most remote places, it’s hard to be fully unavailable.

All this distraction makes our attention spans more limited.

We can feel over stimulated, drained or in desperate need to detach from it all and an urge to bring our focus to a few things at a time instead of many.

This meditation will help you calm the mind and give your brain a soothing way to re-calibrate and focus. This can help while interacting with others, while at work, or keeping your attention on one thing at a time even while you may be multi-tasking. Keeping yourself dedicated to the task at hand and finishing what you start.


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