Free Guided Meditation for Misophonia and Sound Sensitivity

Free Guided Meditation for Misophonia and Sound Sensitivity

Misophonia literally means “hatred of sound”.

It comes from the Greek words miso meaning “hate” and phon meaning “sound”. It’s also known as ‘Selective Sound Sensitivity’. Misophonia and sound sensitivity can be troublesome for a great deal of people. This can be heightened during times of stress or even by certain situations or specific people.

Whatever has brought you to this meditation, please know this is a quiet safe recording where you can listen to my voice, focus on your breathe, and in time help calm the reactions you have to certain sounds and triggers.

Using gentle relaxation and a learned response to color, you can ease the mind during a triggering episode or just when you need some calm quiet time to yourself.

For more info on Misophonia, please visit

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