Free Guided Meditation for Releasing Fear


Free Guided Meditation for Releasing Fear

Fear is a potent emotion that our mind and bodies both experience. It is released in two ways: biochemical and emotional. Our biochemical response is something each of us, as a human being all experience. It can save us during times of danger and help us flee when we need to before we can even collect our thoughts. Reactions become faster, our hearts race, we feel a rush of adrenaline. Our emotional response is more individual and we all experience and process fear differently. The tricky part is if that fear can manifesting many things within our own minds. We can create scenarios that do not exist yet, and even if they do, most of the time they are very different than what we thought they would be. We are focusing on things we cannot control. What we focus on expands. So we can chose, in fearful times to focus on more positive thoughts, while simultaneously remaining aware of what we are truly experiencing in the now. This helps to calm the mind and put things into perspective. This meditation will help you find that peace of mind, acknowledging the fear, but choosing to focus on the now and have high hopes for the future.

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