Free Guided Meditation to Develop Healthy Eating Patterns

Free Guided Meditation for Developing a Healthy Eating Patterns

Establishing a relationship and developing healthy eating patterns is a gentle process we are all capable of and a great way to start is by letting go of learned behaviors, coping mechanisms, and fear surrounding food. When in a state of anxiety and stress, it is difficult to make healthy decisions and to truly listen and know what your body wants. There are also the stressors outside the genre of food that can impact how we feel around mealtimes as the stress of the day in itself can deplete or increase hunger signals. Whatever found you here today with this meditation, rest assured, you can establish a healthy relationship around food and mealtimes and you can carry these patterns with you throughout the rest of your life. You can also help influence those around you to do so as well. By having a healthy mindset at meal times, you can have a healthy body, no matter what shape and size you are. If you can remain in a relaxed state, your body will be able to digest and feed yourself the necessary nutrients the best way it knows how. It can help you to eat a healthy diet for your own body by rejecting diet culture. Letting you feel feelings of pleasure around food, recognize hunger signals and honor them.

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