Free Guided Meditation for Manifestation and a few changes to Heal with You

Free Guided Manifestation Meditation

After a great deal of thought, I have decided to take Heal with You off the Instagram platform. I will keep the direct link to the Facebook page up as well, so when I post here it also posts to Facebook, but I will not be using the platforms directly for my business.

Why, you may ask? Well, I use both platforms for my art and the time it takes to run both is one of the reasons, but I also wanted to take my direct link to what I do with Heal with You and keep it sacred. I fully respect anyone who uses these platforms for their business in the healing community, but it is not for me. I am like a hermit crab and really like it in my shell. Even with my art, I like that to be what inspires and simply see myself as a catalyst for it all to be shared.

The name “Heal with You” was created while I was growing my business as a healer while also healing myself. I am not by any means the healer you see on ads and on TV by any means. I swear, I listen to loud music and I have no interest in living the purest and most sacred life. I am here to live and sometimes that means learning hard lessons and doing things wrong until I see whats right, but what is wrong anyway?

As the saying goes “Do what thou wilt, should be the whole of the law.”

I created Heal with You so I could share the meditations, techniques and inspirations I used to get through a now seven year health situation. As I healed myself on an emotional level (which I am still doing) I learned more and more about meditation and wellness. The more I healed emotionally, the more my physical body followed. It is possible, even if it makes no sense at the time.

That’s what this meditation above is all about. Manifesting what you DO want and trying not to focus on what you don’t. I went from being bed ridden, losing my home, all of my material belongings and living with my parents along with my husband to now running two successful businesses and walking, smiling and living again. It seemed impossible, but here I am.

I want this page to be about you. I want you to find inspiration and your own way, because you can. I am just another human who has gone through some very hard times and used what I learned during that time to help you grow too.

I am again taking new remote clients, and once the pandemic slows, I am hopeful to find somewhere to work out of in the Portland area. I took a brief pause to focus on my health and a move my family just made from Seattle to Portland where we are now located.

I am here for you, I hear you and I know You can heal You.



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