Free Guided Meditation for Acute and Chronic Pain

Free Guided Meditation for Acute and Chronic Pain


Pain can come into our lives at any time and in many forms. It can uproot feeling of frustration and tension due to the lack control we have when it is present. It stops us in our tracks, keeps us up at night and leaves us idle.

There are two main kinds of pain, chronic and acute. Acute pain comes suddenly and is usually the cause of an injury such as a sprain or a painful toothache. Chronic pain is any pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more.

This meditation will help you with both acute and chronic pain. Helping you remain aware of your pain, without having to accept or reject the feelings that may surround it. Leaving you relaxed and at ease with a more positive outlook as negativity arising is one of the main symptoms of any kind of pain. Once we can accept pain, without allowing it to stay around we can begin to heal both mentally and physically.

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