Free Guided Meditation to Clear Low Frequency (Negative) Energy and Protect Your Energy Field

Free Guided Meditation to Clear Low Frequency (Negative) Energy and Protect Your Energy Field

We are all energetic beings, therefore we all emanate different energies. This can be experienced as the mood we are in, or how we feel physically. High vibration energy leaves us feeling uplifted, hopeful and willing to share the feelings of positivity. Low vibration energy vibrates at a lower frequency leaving us feeling drained, hopeless, angry, overwhelmed and very closed off from others.
Just as easy it is for us to emit both these energies, it is easy to pick up on others energies too. You may have entered a room and felt the energy was dense and stagnant, knowing something was just not right or you may have watched a movie and watched something disturbing that may have altered your field, or you may just feel off and drained for no apparent reason. This meditation is a great way to clear any stagnant or negative energy from your field so you can feel safe, protected and clear. It is a wonderful way to surround yourself and your field with uplifting energy so others can feel your radiance and let that feeling spread. Always remember, feelings of lower energy or negativity are not right or wrong, we all have them. They help us filter out what we do want opposed to what we don’t. The key is to not get stuck in these thoughts and to learn if they belong to you or to someone else, which can be done through meditation and with time can come as second nature.

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