Free Guided Meditation for Feelings of Being Unseen or Unheard

Free Guided Meditation For Feelings Of Being Unseen or Unheard

Feeling unseen or unheard can lead to episodes of depression or feeling alone. Episodes of depression can vary greatly from person to person. They can be accompanied by feelings of a depressed and sad state of mind, and give you a total lack of interest in the things you generally love to do with other people. The thing is, everyone has these feeling time and time again, and it is perfectly normal. They key is to honor these feelings, begin to notice when they arise and be able to redirect your thoughts as best you can to get back on track with more higher resonating or positive feelings, emotions and get back to the life you want and deserve. When we are hard on ourselves about feeling this way, it becomes even more of a challenge to walk away from a depressed state. Once we honor and see our true thoughts, we can begin to see their root, their origin and help to heal them. We can release these feelings and surround ourselves with the people and things that do indeed leave us feeling ultimately seen and heard.

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