Free Guided Meditation For Beginners And Those New To Meditation

Free Guided Meditation For Beginners And Those New To Meditation

There have been more times that I can count, that someone tells me they do not meditate.

That they are put off by it, or that they are not the type.

There are always numerous reasons and some of them are very real, but when this conversation is brought up to me, I always remind whomever I am talking to that they do meditate, they simply don’t realize they are. Those moments when we are lost in thought, when we sit and watch a sunset, when we ask for some time to think or even when we just close our eyes for a moment, those are all meditation. You do not need to practice for years, you do not need a specific time or place, you can meditate whenever and however you want.

This meditation is great for beginners, those who feel a stigma with meditation and those ready to start. It will simply enhance what you already inherently have, the ability to quiet the mind for a few moments and focus on as little as possible.

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