Free Guided Meditation for Vagal Nerve Healing

Free Guided Meditation for Vagal Nerve Healing

The vagus nerve is a group of nerves that flows from the colon, into the gut, the heart and the brain. It literally communicates with every organ in our body. Anytime we experience high amounts of stress like loud noises or toxic people the vagus nerve is damaged. It can also become damaged by heavy metal toxicity, past emotional traumas, toxins in our food and water, infections, pollutants and chemicals. The vagus nerve helps to keep our autonomic nervous system in check. This is the system known better as the rest and digest system. This system controls our heart rate, sexual arousal, and digestion. Therefore when this system is damaged, it can cause a great deal of issues throughout our physical body. Luckily, there are ways to heal a damaged vagus nerve. Beep breathing is one of them and relaxing music is as well. This meditation will combine the two for a brief and healing vagus nerve regeneration. Helping to calm you, your system and promote optimal healing. Please make sure to read the video description below from more ways to heal the vagus nerve.

10 Ways to Improve Vagal Tone (Sourced from The Holistic Psychologist)

1. Gargling

2. Breathwork

3. Laughter

4. Fish Oils

5. Fasting

6. Yoga

7. Singing

8. Cold Showers

9. Massage

10. Aromatherapy

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