Free Guided Meditation to Gently Clear Energetic Cords

Free Guided Meditation to Gently Clear Energetic Cords

Energetic cords are made of energy that connect two or more energy bodies, places, things or even habits. They can be connected from any distance and much like an umbilical cord, they can transfer emotional energy as well as life force energy. Cords can be created between two people or even groups of people that have a emotional relationship to one another. This can be between friends, partners, people you work with, ex-relationships and even with enemies or those we have kept near to us in the past that harbor low frequency energy. Although these emotional attachments, or cords are crucial, it is a good idea to clear any that may no longer serve their purpose and to do so gently and permanently. Think of it like clearing a garden of weeds after a long winter. You need to clear the weeds in order for new growth to begin and when you pull the weeds you need to remove the whole root so they no longer return. This meditation will help you do clear these cords so you can have access to the best, high frequency and self supporting energy that you deserve. It will allow the relationships you have to have more clear boundaries and leave you clear, protected and grounded.

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