Guided Meditation for Releasing Stress From The Energy Body

Guided Meditation for Releasing Stress From The Energy Body

Stress is a huge part of the human experience. We can all think of a time when stress has become too much and even overbearing or when we needed to take a step back to recollect or to release stress before we could feel at ease and relaxed again. Some of us have experienced longer periods of stress if we grew up or later lived in a home that held a great deal of tension. This stress is expressed in many ways, but it can also be held in the energetic body, and we all hold this stress in our energy body in different ways. This meditation will help you to organically clear this stress from your energy body without self judgement. By doing so, you can learn to do this on your own and with time, clear this stress without even thinking about it. We all have a great ability to self heal, releasing energetic stress is one of the best things you can do for you and your body as this stored stress can result in physical ailments like pain and illness.

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