Guided Meditation to Clear Subconscious Blocks

Guided Meditation to Clear Subconscious Blocks

The conscious mind is all of the things you are currently aware of, thinking about, and witnessing. It is similar to our short term memory because it is limited in its capacity. Therefore the subconscious mind is like a program running in the background. It is the things we are aware of, but not necessarily thinking of. When we learn to ride a bike, drive, or a dance routine, this is the subconscious mind at work in all its glory. Subconscious blocks are limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and self-limiting patterns that you may place on yourself that act like a block for abundance to flow. They are our self blockages, the things we tell ourselves we cannot and can never do, within reason of course. The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and it isn’t there to necessarily please you, it is there to help you survive. The blockages we may hold within the subconscious mind may also be so deep-rooted it is difficult to discover their origin. This meditation will help you to clear these energetic blockages gently and allow abundance to flow. With time, you can organically do this on your own and set aside any limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs to let abundance flow in your life in many ways.

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