Guided Meditation To Clear Your Energy and Create Sacred Space With The Cardinal Directions

Guided Meditation To Clear Your Energy & Create Sacred Space With The Cardinal Directions

In order to create sacred space to clear your energy, your main intention must be one of love and respect. When this sacred space is created, we are thinning the veils between the spiritual and physical world and therefore transformation begins to happen. The Native American medicine wheel also known as the wheel of life or the sacred hoop is guided by four directions. It symbolized the cycle of life that has no beginning and no end and provides a gentle guidance for living life to the fullest. This wheel can also vary from culture to culture, but in all ways it is represented, it focuses on the belief that all things are interconnected. The four directions along with the sky above, and the earth below are symbolic for guidance and transformation. This meditation will use the four directions, the sky above and the earth below to clear your energy and create sacred space. It is great to do when you feel energetically crowded and anxious, or before any ritual or energy work.

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