Dark Opal Basil Recipe

This year, I have chosen to keep my garden small. Therefore I have been getting a great deal of my produce from a local Resiliency Garden down the street.

While picking some tomatoes there last week, I noticed this deep purple plant growing with the other produce and herbs. My friend Jeff that was walking with me informed me that this was indeed a type of Basil. I immediately thought he was lying to me, so I took a leaf and smelled it for confirmation – the smell confirmed it was true, and I fell in love.

I am someone who loves deep dark colors and earth tones, so I knew that I needed to make a Dark Opal Basil Pesto recipe to share with you all here.

The taste of the Dark Opal Basil has a bit of a spice to it, so I added some sweet basil to even things out. It goes great with pasta, or as a topping on pizza, and it can freeze well too. You can also swap out the parmesan cheese with vegan parmesan and use the same ingredient ratios.

A great way to enjoy fresh basil.


1c dark opal basil

1c sweet basil

3 tbsp pine nuts or walnuts

1 clove garlic

1/2c olive oil

1/2c parmesan cheese (can substitute with vegan parm too)


1. Wash and shake dry your fresh basil.

2. Once dry, basil leaves from the stems

3. Add basil leaves and nuts to a food processor and process until a fine paste begins to form.

4. Slowly add olive oil

5. Lastly, add the cheese. Do this only for a few moments so there is a bit of a process, but the cheese is still prominent. This step will vary depending on the type of parmesan you use as well.


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