Annie Rosenberg

About Me

Teachers many. Lessons vast.

My meditations, healing, and nourishment offerings are a reflection of the path I have walked within my own healing process. In 2018, before the era of Zoom and online therapy, I wanted to find a way to offer free meditations to those who were homebound or unable to afford the therapies they needed. Therefore, I created my YouTube page and began offering simple meditation techniques that I used daily myself. Sharing my own inward process with the world.

These few meditations grew into many, and along the way, I kept increasing my certifications and offerings. As I continued, I began offering remote sessions and readings and returned to my roots in nutrition. This gave me a wide range of offerings for my clients. This flow of healing resources began organically connecting to my artwork at Black Haus Art. This was a goal of mine as my artwork is an even stronger reflection of the offerings I share here. 

In 2022, I began a Substack that works as a space to combine all the things I offer and a way to create a community space outside of social media. This is where I share more about the deeper realms of my own process and the ways I view the world. A place where all the pieces can come together. 

My own healing process is what has fueled this space and my story of getting here is one that combines deep inner work, many forms of medicine, herbs, and doctors. It is amazing to follow the breadcrumb trail of my creations and see them as a timeline where I can see my path and be proud that it took me where I am today. My goal is to inspire every person who follows my meditations, every client I work with, and anyone who views my artwork. I want them to see that anything is possible. We all deserve a life of health, however that shows up for each of us – as we are all divinely unique. 

Certifications and Teachings

Slavic and Polish Magic Teachings by Gabriela Sarna 2022-Present

Student of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts 2022-Present

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist Focusing on Trauma and Addiction 2021

Certification in Suicide Risk and Assessment within a Clinical Setting 2021

Certified Usui Reiki Master 2017

AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant 2013