Scheduling a Session

Elemental Energy Work Sessions

Utilizing universal energy can be done in innumerable ways. In my session I like to listen to the unique language of your body in the moment as each of us is authentic and each day presents itself differently. Therefore, each session with me will be different, depending on where you and your body are at in the day and time we meet. Together we can tune into where you are at the moment and guide the session according to what you, your body, and your energy field need. 

Within each session, I use a combination of Reiki, Alchemy, and Energy Work to work within your energy field. I apply my knowledge in Nutrition, Trauma, Addiction, and many other healing techniques to help guide you on your own journey with your health. My focus is strongly tied to nature, the seasons, the elements, and the guides that I surround myself with. I work differently than traditional Reiki and Energy work where I use a familiar approach unique to me. I am just a small part of the healing I offer. 

Nourishment and Nutrition Consulting

Each one-hour session will offer clarity and guidance toward properly nourishing your body. Together we can form a better understanding of your body’s specific needs and form an authentic path for you. Guiding you to make your meals and intake become the medicine that fuels you.

During our sessions together I offer insight surrounding your meals, and supplements, and help you find not only a healthy relationship surrounding these areas but one that you can begin to develop on your own when we are not working together. My goal is to help you learn to nourish yourself. Helping you to develop a healthy lifestyle and mindset that comes second nature. Finding balance within your body, organically.

After each session, I send a review of what we have covered, so please spend our time together absorbing and sharing. I will record all that we have gone over. 

I highly recommend finding a good Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Tradition Chinese Medicine Doctor to work with in combination with me. I am not a doctor, only a guide on your healing journey. I like to make this part of our sessions and have many colleagues and suggestions of people to work with throughout the United States.

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