Work with Me

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Work Sessions

Utilizing universal energy can be done in innumerable ways. In my session I like to listen to the unique language of your body in the moment as each of us is authentic and each day presents itself differently. Therefore, each session with me will be different, depending on where you and your body are at in the day and time we meet. Together we can tune into where you are at the moment and guide the session according to what you, your body, and your energy field need.

Within each session, I use a combination of Reiki, Alchemy, and Ancestral Energy to work within your energy field. I apply my knowledge in Nutrition, Trauma, Addiction, and many other healing techniques to help guide you on your own journey with your health. My focus is strongly tied to nature, the seasons, the elements, my ancestors, and the guides that I surround myself with. I work differently than traditional Reiki and Energy work, using a familiar approach unique to me. I am just a small part of the healing I offer. 

Elemental Tarot Readings

A five or ten card reading to help you navigate any themes coming up in your life. I will add any insights that flow to me, and combine them with what the cards offer. I focus on the ancestral and elemental aspects of the cards and the alchemy between their symbolism in my readings. This helps me to dive deeper into your inquiry.

I do not offer live readings, they are done through e-mail. Once booked, I will send you a full description of each card along with a summary/channeling of the reading. This will be sent through the email you have booked with unless otherwise noted.